Monday, November 25, 2013

Why I write underdog love stories

I can't relate to Alpha's.  Big, burly, cocky guys full of bravado. The guy of guy that walks around with endless swagger.  That's probably because I grew up feeling second best myself.  I never felt like I could measure up.  That I would always be a runner up in the world.  In short, I was an underdog.  Well frankly, I still am.  And in sports more than in any other part of life, the underdogs seem to have a chance.  In basketball, we've seen tiny schools that barely anyone has ever heard of topple the best in the league come March Madness.  In football, teams that have gone 8-8 and barely squeaked into the playoffs have gone home with Super Bowls.   In hockey all you have to do is get into the playoffs and it seems like all bets are off.
People love underdog stories because so often we feel like underdogs ourselves.  And that's why I write them.  Because I want to believe that I can topple the giants.  I want to believe that I can defy the odds.  I want to believe that I can come out on top.

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