Sunday, November 24, 2013

New Football Romance Boxed Set

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This boxed set features all four books in the Going Long Series including "Going Long," "Going Deep," "Going Hard," and "Going All Out." 
Having grown up with an emotionally distant football coach for a father, the last thing Alyssa Stanton wants is to fall in love with a guy that's just like that. But when she meets a hunky and sensitive football player at college, she finds that she can't resist his charms and gives in to a temptation that will change her life forever. 
Alyssa's younger sister Vikki meanwhile grew up never feeling like she measured up. She's always had problems meeting men. Will she ever be able to meet a man, or will luck never smile on her? 
Then finally there's Maureen--the youngest of the Stanton sisters. Maureen finds her heart caught in a love triangle between two competing quarterbacks. But which will she choose, and will she come to regret her decision?

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